Sorcery (6GP+/0PP/A)

Cinematically: This gimmick represents a character’s supernatural ability to cast spells or perform miracles. By practicing arcane rituals, tapping into his psychic abilities, manipulating the flow of chi, communing with nature spirits, or invoking the power of his deity, a character with this gimmick can perform a wide range of seemingly impossible feats.

Mechanically: When designing a game that involves magic and spell-casting, the Narrator designates certain gimmicks as “spells.” Depending on the cinematic ways that characters gain their gimmicks, the Narrator may decide that only characters with the Sorcery gimmick have access to these gimmicks. At initial purchase, this gimmick grants the character a “Sorcery Level” of one. For every four additional Gimmick Points spent on this gimmick beyond its initial cost, the character’s Sorcery Level is increased by one, to a maximum Sorcery Level of 10.

During the game, the character may activate, or “cast,” any spell with a Gimmick Point cost less than or equal to his Sorcery Level. Thus, if a character has spent 14 Gimmick Points on the Sorcery gimmick to gain a Sorcery Level of three, he can choose to cast any spell with a Gimmick Point cost of three or less, such as Anime Leap or Minor Blast. He would need to increase his Sorcery Level to cast more powerful spells, such as Blast Attack, which costs five Gimmick Points and would require a Sorcery Level of five to cast. Spells with Gimmick Point costs greater than 10—and all Sentai gimmicks designated as spells—require an advanced knowledge of sorcery. In order to cast these spells, the character must already have a Sorcery Level of 10 and he must purchase each advanced spell at its normal Gimmick Point cost.

The character activates and uses his spells just like they were normal gimmicks. Most spells have the same Pool Point activation costs, last the same amount of time, target the same characters, and require the same ability checks as normal gimmicks. If a spell is normally permanently in operation, the character must spend five Pool Points to cast it and the spell remains active until the end of the scene. In addition to the spells he can cast, a character with the Sorcery gimmick may also purchase and use non-spell gimmicks normally.

If a spell requires the character to concentrate to maintain it (like with Illusions and Lure), the character cannot cast other spells while maintaining concentration, though he can take other actions and use regular gimmicks normally. A character can concentrate on no more than one spell at a time. If the character casts another spell or moves out of range of the spell he is concentrating on, the original spell ends as described in the gimmick’s entry. If the character stops concentrating on a permanent spell, the spell ends at the end of his next turn. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed, he loses concentration and his spell automatically ends at the end of his next turn. Thus, a character maintaining the illusion of an attacking bull is forced to cast Blast Attack to defend himself from an incoming fireball. The complex illusion instantly vanishes, as explained in the Illusion gimmick.

Unless the description of a spell specifically state otherwise, it may be cast only on the caster. Thus, a character who can cast Regeneration as a spell can cast it only on himself. When he casts this spell, he regenerates two Health Points every time his turn comes up for the remainder of the scene. However, he cannot cast Regeneration on someone else unless he learns the Affect Other metamagic (described in the section below) for this specific spell.

If a spell’s power can be increased by spending additional Gimmick Points, the character, when casting that spell, is considered to be able to create the most powerful effect possible based on his Sorcery Level. For example, a character with a Sorcery Level of six casts Natural Armor on himself. Natural Armor grants an Armor Grade bonus of +1 for every 2 GP the character has spent on the gimmick. Thus, the character gains a +3 bonus to his Armor Grade; a +3 bonus requires 6 GP to be spent on Natural Armor, so that level of the gimmick counts as a level six spell.

Mecha: Non-sentient mecha may not purchase this gimmick. Sentient mecha may purchase and use this gimmick as described above.

Metamagic Gimmicks

These gimmicks may be purchased in addition to the Sorcery gimmick to allow characters to modify certain aspects of their spells. Each metamagic gimmick affects only one spell the character knows how to cast. When the character purchases a metamagic gimmick, he must choose at the time of purchase which spell it affects.

Affect Others (2GP/0PP/A): This gimmick permanently affects one selected spell. The character may cast the selected spell on others. Spells cast on others take effect instantly, unless the spells apply to combat actions. If this is the case, such spells take effect on the target’s next turn. The target can decide whether or not to he wants to use the spells cast on him for beneficial reasons. If he does not use the spell on his next turn, the spell is wasted.

Casting this type of spell on an unwilling target requires the caster to beat the target in a contested Resolve check. This check counts as an instant action. Mecha may use their Mecha Strength or Mecha Resolve for the check. This gimmick affects only those spells the character can normally cast only on himself; it does not affect spells that are already cast on others, nor does it affect his non-spell gimmicks.

Range Boost (1GP/2PP/A): This gimmick affects one selected spell. The character may activate this gimmick to double the range of his selected spell. This gimmick may not be purchased more than once for any selected spell. He must spend these Pool Points before he casts the spell. Activating this gimmick counts as an instant action.

Duration Boost (2GP/1PP+/A): This gimmick affects one selected spell. The character may spend additional Pool Points to increase the normal duration of the selected spell. The spell must already have a duration greater than one turn but less than one scene in order to have its duration increased. Each Pool Point spent increases the duration of a spell by one turn. These Pool Points must be spent before the spell is cast. A spell may have a maximum duration of 10 turns. Activating this gimmick counts as an instant action.

Area Boost (1GP+/2PP+/A): The character may target up to two characters with the selected spell. For each additional 1 GP the character spends on this gimmick beyond its initial cost, he may target one additional character, to a maximum of four characters. Alternatively, if a spell affects an area, the total area of the spell increases by 100% of its original area for every 1 GP spent on this gimmick, to a maximum increase of 300%. In order to target multiple characters with a spell, either the original gimmick must be able to target others or the character must also possess the Affect Others metamagic gimmick for the selected spell.

When casting a spell, the character activates this gimmick as an instant action and spends two Pool Points for each additional character he wants to target (or each additional 100% area increase), to the maximum number of characters or area he is capable of affecting. Casting an area-boosted spell always takes up the character’s full turn. If necessary, the character may choose to have the actual effects of the area boosted spell take effect on his next turn.

For example: A wizard and his three friends are running from rooftop to rooftop to escape a rampaging hydra. The wizard casts Anime Leap, spending 1 Pool Point for Anime Leap and another 6 Pool Points to affect his three friends. Because casting this spell takes up the wizard’s full turn, he decides to have the spell take effect on everyone’s next turn. On their next turn, the wizard and his friends may all perform an Anime Leap to leap to a distant rooftop and more easily escape the hydra.

Magic Action System: Spellbook

At the Narrator’s option, a character does not automatically learn every spell at a given Sorcery Level. Instead, the Narrator is strongly encouraged to use the spellbook action system to keep spellcasting characters’ powers in check.

When a character increases his Sorcery Level, he automatically learns two new spells of that level. These spells are chosen by the player and are subject to Narrator approval. The character must pay for the ability to learn additional spells of that spell level or lower. It costs one Gimmick Point for a character to learn a new spell and add it to his "spellbook." Once a spell is added to the spellbook, the character is able to cast that spell normally. A character's spellbook may only contain spells with Gimmick Point costs less than or equal to his Sorcery Level. That is, a character cannot learn spells that are beyond his current Sorcery Level. Sentai spells and spells with Gimmick Point costs greater than 10 must still be purchased at their full cost (and the character must also possess a Sorcery Level of 10).