Dodge Blast (1GP/0PP/A)

Cinematically: This gimmick allows a character to perform powerful, ranged attacks that cannot be intercepted by other characters’ Blast Attacks. These blasts may strike with blinding speed, weave erratically, blink in and out of existence, or simply appear instantly out of thin air and explode on target.

Mechanically: This gimmick is purchased as an add-on gimmick for the Blast Attack gimmick or a similar ranged, energy-based attack gimmick such as Common Destruction, Dragon Blast, Minor Blast, or Variable Blast. A character must possess an appropriate blast gimmick in order to purchase this gimmick. This gimmick may be purchased at the same time as the blast gimmick, or it may be purchased and added onto the blast gimmick later. When purchased, this gimmick applies to only one energy-based ranged attack gimmick. If the character has multiple ranged, energy-based attack gimmicks, this gimmick may be purchased multiple times to grant its power to each individual attack gimmick.

This gimmick is permanently in effect. A blast gimmick with Dodge Blast cannot be blocked by other blast gimmicks. That is, when a character with a Dodging Blast Attack attacks an opponent, the opponent cannot successfully use his own Blast Attack (or any other energy-based ranged attack gimmick) to defend himself. All attempts to block a Dodging Blast Attack with an energy-based ranged attack gimmick automatically fail, and the defender must defend against the attack normally. Blasts with the Dodge Blast add-on can still be blocked or parried normally by non-ranged energy-based gimmicks like Barrier, Battle Aura, Blazing Sword, and Shield.

Mecha: Mecha may purchase and use this gimmick exactly as described above.