Roll With The Punch (3GP+/0PP/A)

Cinematically: A character with this gimmick has special training or abilities that allow him to absorb or deflect some of the shock of punches, falls, and other such painful physical impacts. This gimmick is common among self-defense experts, stuntmen, rodeo clowns, and “extreme” sports stars.

Mechanically: This gimmick is permanently in operation. At initial purchase, the character has an effective Armor Grade of one against all physical attacks when he is wearing no armor. For each additional Gimmick Point the player spends on this gimmick, the character’s unarmored Armor Grade increases by one point, to a maximum Armor Grade of 4.
This gimmick provides protection only against normal, physical attacks, non-energy-based gimmick attacks, falling, and other physical sources of damage. It does not provide any bonuses to Resist damage from energy-based gimmick attacks, laser weapons, fire, and other non-physical sources of damage. However, if the character possesses a special vulnerability (such as a werewolf’s vulnerability to silver), this gimmick does reduce the damage he suffers when struck by an attack to which he is vulnerable.

In addition to granting the character an Armor Grade against physical attacks when he is not wearing any armor, this gimmick also increases the minimum Armor Grade of any armor the character wears. The minimum Armor Grade of any armor when worn by a character with this gimmick is equal to his augmented unarmored Armor Grade. Thus, if a character who has an unarmored Armor Grade of 3 puts on a suit of leather armor that normally has an Armor Grade of 1, the armor has an Armor Grade of 3 while he is wearing it. If the character wears armor that naturally has an Armor Grade higher than his augmented unarmored Armor Grade, however, the armor’s Armor Grade does not increase.

Mecha: Because mecha in RandomAnime do not technically possess separate suits of armor and never receive Armor Grades separate from their Endurance scores, this gimmick cannot be purchased or used by mecha.