Uncanny Charm (3GP/3PP/A/Cinematic)

Cinematically: A character with this gimmick has a special knack for gaining others’ trust. Through amazing people skills, a brilliant smile, or incredibly beauty, such a character finds it extremely easy to win the hearts of others.

Mechanically: The character may activate this gimmick at any time as an instant action to gain a +2 bonus on all Charisma checks involving deception, seduction, or leadership. The character also receives this bonus on Performance checks rolled to entertain or inspire an audience. This gimmick does not grant bonuses to influence creatures with animal intelligence. Refer to Collectémon (p. 65) for more information on animal intelligence.

Mecha: Non-sentient mecha may not purchase or be affected by this gimmick. Sentient mecha, however, may purchase and use this gimmick normally on other sentient mecha as well as normal characters.