Fantasy Class: Mystic (System)

Worshippers of the true Source of all magic, these traveling prophets use their mystical powers to restore balance (as they see it) to the world. Characters with the mystic class channel the most ancient of magical energies to bring about renewal and restoration to those under the influence of unnatural or unholy powers.

A mystic channels divine energy from the Source to perform his restorative magic. Unfortunately, the human body is far too weak to safely channel these powerful energies, so every mystic wields a holy focus—a magically consecrated physical symbol of the mystic’s faith—through which he channels divine magic. In order to perform mystic class gimmicks, a mystic must be holding or wearing his holy focus. A mystic without his focus cannot use any of his mystic gimmicks.

Mechanically, a holy focus is a physical object no smaller than size one. A holy focus does not have to possess great monetary value, but it cannot be created on the spur of the moment. In order to create a holy focus, the mystic (or someone else) must actually construct the focus, a process that typically takes several hours to several days. After the object is created, the mystic blesses it using the Blessing gimmick. At that point, the mystic may use the object as his holy focus. Mystics often carry several holy focuses.

Note that many beginning mystics do not possess the Blessing gimmick. If these mystics lose their holy focus, they must seek out another mystic who can bless a new holy focus for them.

Mystic Gimmicks

View Auras (6GP/0PP/S)
By spending a full turn in concentration, you become able to see the colored mystical auras of those around you and “read” inanimate objects for the remainder of the scene. You can read auras to determine a target’s emotional state and his tie with the natural world. A target’s aura shows his emotional state: happy, frightened, upset, angry, sad, remorseful, depressed, worried, shy, awestruck, and so forth. In addition, the target’s aura shows his species type: humanoid, beast, demon, dragon, elemental, giant, mechanical, monster, plant, or undead. You can view the auras of up to five people or objects each turn. It does not count as an action to view someone’s aura. You may use this gimmick only on characters or objects that you can actually see or touch.

When you examine an object, you learn one useful bit of information about it. Regardless of the number of items you can examine that turn, you learn only one bit of information about each item in a single turn. For each additional turn you spend examining an object, you learn another, more specific, bit of information about it. The most common bits of information you can learn about an object include its age, its composition, its creator, its owner, its last user, and its last task, in that order.
Prerequisite: None

Banish (5GP/3PP/S)
Repel undead, demons, and elementals from your presence by holding up your holy focus and rolling a Resolve check. All undead, demons, and elementals that attempt to come within 10 feet of you must immediately roll a Resolve check contested against the Final Total of your Resolve check. If the creature’s check succeeds, the creature is not affected by your gimmick and becomes immune to your use of this gimmick for the remainder of the scene.

If the creature’s check fails, the creature suffers 1d6+5 damage and cannot come within 10 feet of you. If the creature is already within 10 feet of you when you activate this gimmick, it flees as quickly as possible away from you until it is at least 10 feet away. If the creature is unable to flee, it cowers before your presence and can take no action against you, though it may fight other opponents and defend itself normally. An affected creature beyond 10 feet may not perform brawling or melee attacks against you, but it may use ranged attacks normally. If you attack an affected creature, however, the creature you attack breaks free from the effects of this gimmick and remains immune to your use of this gimmick for the rest of the scene.

This gimmick remains in effect for as long as you continue to hold your holy focus in plain view. Maintaining this gimmick counts as an action. If you cancel the gimmick and reactivate it during the same scene, all undead, demons, and elementals in the area that previously failed the earlier contested check must again roll another contested check. Creatures that fail the new contested check suffer the above penalties, though they do not take additional damage unless they have newly arrived in the area and are rolling the contested check for the first time. Creatures that win the contested check are not affected by your gimmick and become immune to your use of this gimmick for the remainder of the scene.

This gimmick may also be used to exorcise a possessing spirit, demon, undead, or similar force from a living target (or object, in some cases). To attempt the exorcism, you must activate this gimmick while within 10 feet of the possessed target and roll a Resolve check contested against the possessor’s Resolve check. This takes up your full turn. If you win, the possessing force is instantly removed and may not attempt to possess that same target for at least a year and a day. If you fail, you are unable to remove the possessing force at that time. Future attempts that day suffer a cumulative –1 penalty. You may gather other mystics with you to aid the exorcism. Each additional mystic aiding in the exorcism grants a +1 bonus to the Resolve check of the mystic with the greatest Resolve score. Each aiding mystic must possess the Banish gimmick in order to be counted.
Prerequisite: View Auras, Religion 3

Blessing (5GP+/5PP/A)
Bestow a blessing on yourself or another person or creature within 10 feet. The blessed target receives a +1 bonus to a single ability check regarding one action of his choosing. Alternatively, the target may apply this bonus to one of his Defense Values against a single incoming attack. The blessed target must choose an ability check or Defense Value to receive this bonus before the end of his next turn or the bonus is lost. After the action or defensive maneuver is performed, the effects of the blessing end.

Spending an additional 2 GP on this gimmick (7 GP total) increases the blessing’s bonus to +2. Spending yet another 2 GP on this gimmick (9 GP total) increases the bonus to +3. Multiple blessings on the same target do not stack, though the target receives the greatest bonus of any of the blessings placed on him that turn. You may bless a target as often as you like, as long as you have the Pool Points to spend.

With Narrator approval, this gimmick may also provide cinematic benefits. By blessing an acre of crops, you might increase their bounty during harvest time. Likewise, blessing a woman about to give birth will likely ease her labor pains and make the birthing process go more smoothly. Even blessing a basket of fish, barrel of water, oil lamp, or holy symbol might produce miraculous effects. The Narrator has the final say on what sort of cinematic benefits (if any) your blessing provides.
Prerequisite: View Auras, Religion 3

Healing (6GP+/3PP/S)
Restore 1d6+5 Health Points to a wounded character or creature (this includes humanoids, giants, beasts, monsters, and dragons) within 10 feet. You may restore these Health Points to a single target or divide the healing among any number of targets within 10 feet (including yourself) in whatever way you desire.

Spending an additional 2 GP on this gimmick (8 GP total) increases the number of Health Points restored to 2d6+5. Spending yet another 2 GP on this gimmick (10 GP total) increases the number of Health Points restored to 3d6+5.

You may also use this gimmick to restore broken bones, lost limbs and damaged organs. In order to use this variant of this gimmick, simply announce that you are healing wounds instead of damage. Initially, this gimmick heals a single wound on one target within 10 feet. If you have increased the healing ability of this gimmick as described above, you may heal one additional wound per activation for every additional 2 GP you have spent on this gimmick (to a maximum of three wounds per activation). You may remove these wounds from a single target or divide the removed wounds among any number of targets within 10 feet (including yourself) in whatever way you desire.
Prerequisite: View Auras, Religion 3

Cleansing (5GP+/1PP/R)
During purchase, select one status effect that you can remove from a character or creature. When you activate this gimmick, you may automatically remove that status effect from a target with 10 feet. In addition, the cleansed target becomes immune to the cleansed status effect for the next three rounds. Status effects are removed permanently, though a character may be struck by a status effecting attack at a later time and again be in need of this gimmick. You may activate this gimmick as often as you like during your turn, as long as you have the Pool Points to spend.

For every additional 1 GP you spend on this gimmick beyond its initial cost, you learn how to remove an additional status effect of your choice. Regardless of the number of status effects you can remove, however, you must still activate this gimmick once for each status effect you choose to remove from a target. If you cleanse multiple status effects from a character, he receives immunity from all of them for the next three rounds. Cleansing a target without a status effect does not grant him immunity from that status effect.

Status effects include the following: disease (including viruses and birth defects), pain, mind control, paralysis, petrification, polymorph, poison, blindness, deafness, and silence. This gimmick does not actually dispel magical effects (such as a force field) or remove physical effects (such as immolation damage from a fire).

This gimmick also permanently cures naturally occurring diseases, parasites, viruses, and birth defects. Thus, you may use this gimmick to cure a target of diseases like cancer and leprosy; viruses like the flu or smallpox; and birth defects such as blindness, deafness, and paraplegia. Diseases and parasites are removed permanently, though a character may be exposed to the disease or parasite at a later time and again be in need of this gimmick. Viruses and birth defects are cured permanently and will never again trouble the character.
Prerequisites: Two Mystic gimmicks, Religion 4

Holy Aura (6GP+/5PP/S)
When you activate this gimmick, you surround yourself with an invisible aura of divine energy for the entire scene. During activation, you select one of the three benefits described below. You may switch the benefits of the aura at the beginning of each of your turns as an instant action. You may have only one Holy Aura active at a time.

Combat Aura: The aura extends over your hands and hand-held melee weapons, imbuing them with divine energy. This provides you with a +1 bonus to damage with all of your brawling and melee attacks and allows you to parry incoming energy-based attacks without penalty.

Feedback Aura: You gain a +1 bonus to Resist damage. In addition, any time you are struck by a physical attack (brawling, melee, or firearms), the attacker suffers one point of damage. If the attacker is in continual contact with you, he suffers this damage each time his turn comes up until he breaks contact. This damage cannot be Resisted.

Restoration Aura: When you cast the Healing spell, your spell heals an additional three points of damage. If you use Healing to heal multiple targets, you may allocate the additional points of healing in whatever way you desire among the selected targets.

You may also “cancel” your Holy Aura, removing its effects from you and channeling its energy into a powerful blast of divine energy. During the cancellation you select one of the two benefits described below. Once you have canceled your Holy Aura, you must wait until your next turn to activate Holy Aura again.

Divine Shield: As an instant action, you may cancel your Holy Aura and instantly place a divine shield around a target within 30 feet. The shield protects the target from physical contact and all types of attacks. The shield has 10 Health Points and a Resistance Factor of zero and remains on the target for the remainder of the scene. Once the shield’s Health Points are reduced to zero, the shield is destroyed and no longer offers protection. Any leftover damage reduces the target’s Health Points normally.

Placing multiple shields on the same target has no additional effect other than refreshing the shield’s Health Point total. If you choose to place the shield on a target that is being attacked, you must decide to do so before the attacker announces the Final Total of his attack roll. A target may be shielded no more than once every two turns, regardless of whether or not a previous shield has expired.

Divine Blast: As a normal action, you may cancel your holy aura and attempt to strike an opponent within 50 yards with a blast of divine energy by rolling a Firearms check to strike. Performing this attack counts as a standard gimmick activation. This attack counts as an energy-based attack, so the opponent may parry the attack only if he possesses an appropriate energy-based defensive gimmick. If the attack is successful, the opponent suffers eight points of damage (plus Luck Die damage) and is stunned, suffering a –1 penalty to all actions on his next turn. Hitting an opponent with multiple blasts does not increase the penalty.

Spending additional GP on this gimmick increases the power of your Holy Aura. For every 2 GP you spend on this gimmick beyond its initial cost, you gain the following benefits: Your Combat Aura’s damage bonus increases by +1. Your Feedback Aura’s Resistance bonus increases by +1 and the damage it inflicts on attackers increases by one. The Restoration Aura restores an additional one point of damage. Your Divine Shield’s Health Point total increases by five points. Your Divine Blast’s damage increases by two points. You may spend up to an additional 4 GP (10 GP total) on this gimmick.
Prerequisite: Two Mystic gimmicks, Religion 4

Essence Spire (6GP/0PP/A)
When you are about to activate any mystic gimmick, you can call upon your allies within 30 feet to donate their Pool Points to pay some or all of the activation cost. This call is issued telepathically as an act of will and is unaffected by spells and effects; all allies of your choosing will hear your call and may immediately donate any number of their remaining Pool Points. Only sentient humanoid, beast, monster, and dragon allies may donate Pool Points in this way. Through the use of this gimmick, a single mystic can walk among a limitless number of poor or sick individuals, blessing, healing, and curing them, provided that they simply place their faith (their Pool Points) in him.
Prerequisite: Three Mystic gimmicks, Religion 5

Truesight (8GP/0PP/A)
Whenever you come within sight of mystical objects, supernatural beings, illusions, spirits, transformed creatures, invisible objects, the undead, and possessed or spiritually controlled characters, the Narrator rolls a secret Perception check for you. If successful, you immediately (and permanently) perceive the character or object in its true form. Illusions become translucent and seemingly hollow, ghosts become visible, possessed characters glow with auras that are not their own, and ley lines and feng shui energy patterns all appear. If the check fails, you do not see the character’s or object’s true form that scene. Each scene that you remain in the presence of such supernatural creatures or objects, the Narrator should again roll this check to determine if and when you notice them.
Prerequisite: Three Mystic gimmicks, Religion 5

Miracle (15GP/10PP/S/Sentai)
Call down a miracle from the Source. You may not use this Limit more than once every 24 hours, regardless of the number of LP you possess. You may choose one of the following benefits when you perform this Limit:

Divine Favor: You and all allies within 20 yards regain all lost Health Points and Pool Points, all their negative status effects are removed, and all their wounds are healed. In addition, for the next five turns, all of you receive a +1 bonus to all ability checks and Defense Values (this bonus stacks with all other bonuses), and all of you are immune to negative status effects.

Resurrection: You may instantly bring a dead character within 10 feet back to life with full Health Points and Pool Points. Alternatively, if you are killed and have 10 Pool Points free, you may resurrect yourself at any time within the next 72 hours. Five minutes after your death, your corpse and any gear currently on it (within reason) fades from existence. At an appropriate time within the next three days (Narrator’s decision), you reappear alive with full Health Points and Pool Pointsin a friendly location of the Narrator’s choosing. Any gear removed from your corpse before it fades away does not return to you and must be retrieved normally.

Sanctuary: You cannot be targeted or damaged by attacks or environmental hazards for the next round. You do not need to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe during this time; you are immune to damage from the elements; and you cannot be affected by physical or mental attacks of any type. After the round expires, you may spend 5 Pool Points each turn to continue to receive the effects of this gimmick. While under the effects of this gimmick, your other mystic gimmicks have a 0 Pool Point activation cost. If you perform hostile actions or attacks while this Limit is active, however, the Limit immediately comes to an end.