Loyal Weapon (2GP/0PP/A/W)

Cinematically: This gimmick makes a widget weapon totally unable to harm its owner. Melee weapons with this gimmick cannot crush or pierce their owners. Firearms with this gimmick either always miss or simply fail to fire when targeting their owners.

Mechanically: This gimmick can be added only to a widget weapon and is permanently in operation. A weapon with this gimmick cannot inflict damage on its owner, regardless of how it is used or who is wielding it. If a weapon is used in such a way that damaging its owner becomes unavoidable (say a prone character stands his staff on his chest to stop a collapsing ceiling), the weapon will eventually break before it harms its owner, even if it possesses the Indestructible gimmick. Such a weapon may be used by anyone to harm others normally, however, unless it also possesses a gimmick like Single Owner.

Mecha: Mecha weapons with this gimmick operate exactly as described above. Such weapons can never harm the mecha that own them, though they can harm the mecha’s pilot or owner normally.