Life Leap (3GP/4PP/A)

Cinematically: Through clever trickery, a mystical soul transfer, or a demonic contract, a character with this gimmick is able to defy death by transferring his life into the body of one of his minions. When struck down in battle, the character can revive miraculously at the cost of the minion’s life. Characters with this gimmick can be extremely difficult to defeat for good.

Mechanically: This gimmick may only be purchased by characters who can summon faceless minions (including Lackeys and Shadow Clones) or are somehow able to gain control of minions, as with the Convert and Infect gimmicks. If the character is reduced to zero or fewer Health Points or killed and has any minions currently under his control, he may activate this gimmick as an instant action and immediately transfer his life into one of his minions’ bodies (character’s choice). A minion must be alive and within 25 yards of the character in order for the character to transfer his life to the minion. The character must have four Pool Points remaining to activate this gimmick.

The transferred minion’s body physically and permanently becomes the character’s new body. Cinematically, the minion might vanish and be replaced by the character or it may morph itself into the character’s new body. The “defeated” character may appear to die, or he might simply vanish when “killed.” Regardless of the cinematic description, the character is instantly restored to life in his new body and regains all his lost Health Points. However, the character retains his current Pool Point total. Any gimmicks effects that were operating on the character’s old body instantly come to an end. Permanent gimmicks, of course, continue to operate on the character’s new body. After the life transfer, the character may take action normally on his next turn. If the minion is a Shadow Clone, or if it has the Lookalike gimmick, it may not be immediately apparent that the character has been revived. This gimmick may only be activated once per scene. Purchasing this gimmick multiple times grants no additional effects.

Mecha: Mecha may purchase and use this gimmick as described above to revive themselves in place of their mecha minions. The range of this gimmick is increased to 100 yards for small mecha, 250 yards for medium mecha, and 500 yards for large mecha. When a mecha activates this gimmick, its original body either becomes completely inert or explodes, as determined by the Narrator.