Blazing Special (2GP03PP/A)

Cinematically: This gimmick enhances the effect of a character’s Special Attack, charging it with unstoppable destructive power. With this gimmick, characters can perform flaming super uppercuts, ki-charged sword slashes, mystically enhanced wrestling holds, and similar powerful attacks.

Mechanically: This gimmick is purchased as an add-on gimmick for the Special Attack gimmick. A character must possess a Special Attack in order to add this gimmick onto it. This gimmick may be purchased at the same time as the Special Attack gimmick, or it may be purchased and added onto the Special Attack later. When purchased, this gimmick applies to only one Special Attack. If the character has multiple Special Attacks, this gimmick may be purchased multiple times to grant its power to each individual attack.

This gimmick is permanently in effect, though the character can turn it off and on as an instant action. Whenever the character performs his Special Attack, the attack becomes an energy-based gimmick attack. The attack can be used to attempt to destroy Barriers and cages created with the Entrap gimmick as if it were a Blast Attack or a similar energy-based attack gimmick. In addition, the attack cannot be parried normally without the use of an energy-based defense gimmick. The Typed Attack gimmick may be added onto this gimmick, allowing the character to use the minor elemental powers granted by Typed Attack. Note that Blazing Special does not allow a character to use his Special Attack to defend himself from incoming energy-based gimmick attacks.

Mecha: Mecha may purchase and use this gimmick exactly as described above.