Determined (3GP+/0PP/A)

Cinematically: This gimmick increases a gimmick’s ability to overpower opponents and opposing gimmicks. Through rigorous mental training, chi-amplifying bioware implants, an intense fighting spirit, or simply a will of iron, a character with this augmented gimmick gains a powerful advantage when contesting his specialized mystical power against those of others.

Mechanically: When this gimmick is purchased, the player chooses one of the character’s gimmicks to permanently add this gimmick on to. That gimmick becomes a Determined gimmick. This gimmick may be added onto only those gimmicks whose use requires the character’s player to roll a contested Resolve check against an opponent.

At initial purchase, whenever the character’s Determined gimmick requires him to roll a contested Resolve check against one or more opponents, the character receives a +1 bonus to the Final Total of that check. For every three additional Gimmick Points the character spends on this gimmick beyond its original cost, this bonus increases by another +1, to a maximum bonus of +3. The character may purchase this gimmick additional times to have multiple Determined gimmicks, but this gimmick may never be purchased more than once for any given gimmick.

The bonus granted by this gimmick applies only to contested Resolve checks, never normal Resolve checks or any other type of check that involves the character’s Resolve. If use of the gimmick also requires other types of ability checks, this gimmick provides no bonuses to those checks. Thus, the bonus this gimmick provides would apply when a character uses a Determined Lure to attract nearby opponents. It would also apply when a character uses a Determined Blast Attack to block an incoming ranged energy-based attack or destroy a Barrier or a cage created by the Entrap gimmick. Of course, it would also apply when a character blocks an incoming energy-based attack with his Determined Barrier.

Mecha: Mecha can purchase and use this gimmick normally. When the mecha’s chosen gimmick requires the mecha to use either its Mecha Strength or Mecha Resolve for a contested check, the mecha receives the bonus granted by this gimmick.