Reflect Barrier (3GP/0PP/A)

Cinematically: Any character with the Barrier gimmick can use his barrier to protect himself from powerful energy-based attacks. Characters with this add-on gimmick, however, can actually hurl those attacks right back at their assailants.

Mechanically: This gimmick is purchased as an add-on gimmick for the Barrier gimmick. A character must possess Barrier in order to purchase this gimmick. This gimmick may be purchased at the same time as the Barrier gimmick, or it may be purchased and added onto Barrier later.

This gimmick is permanently in effect. Whenever the character successfully blocks an incoming energy-based ranged gimmick attack (like Blast Attack) with his Barrier by winning a contested Resolve check against the attacker as described in RandomAnime (p. 64), he may choose to have the attack automatically reflect off the barrier and strike the attacker.

When struck by the reflected blast, the attacker suffers normal damage (plus his own Luck Die damage) from the attack. If the attacker has immunities of any sort against energy-based ranged gimmick attacks, these operate normally. However, the attacker cannot activate defensive gimmicks that allow him to avoid being struck by the reflected blast (like Barrier or Blast Attack).

If the attacker already has his own Barrier in operation when his blast is reflected back on him, the attack automatically strikes the attacker’s barrier and the attacker and defender roll a contested Resolve check to see if the attacker’s barrier withstands his own blast. If the attacker wins, his barrier stops his blast. If the defender wins, the attacker’s blast destroys the attacker’s barrier and inflicts half damage.

If the attacker has a Reflect Barrier in operation when his blast is reflected back on him, the blast automatically strikes his barrier and again reflects toward the defender. Alternatively, the attacker can choose to simply nullify his blast without reflecting it again. If the attacker chooses to reflect his blast again, he and the defender again roll a contested Resolve check. If the attacker wins, his blast destroys the defender’s barrier and inflicts half damage. If the defender wins, the blast is stopped by his barrier and is not reflected. A blast can be reflected only twice.

If the original energy-based ranged gimmick attack possesses an elemental type granted by the Typed Attack gimmick, the reflected attack always maintains its elemental type. If the defender’s Barrier possesses an elemental type, and the original gimmick attack does not have an elemental type, the defender may choose to imbue the reflected attack with the same elemental type possessed by his Barrier.

This gimmick does not allow the character to reflect non-energy-based attacks, nor can it reflect non-ranged energy-based attacks. Finally, this gimmick does not allow the character to reflect an attack toward any target other than the original attacker whose gimmick attack was reflected.

Mecha: Mecha may purchase and use this gimmick as described above. A mecha’s Reflect Barrier can be used to reflect energy-based ranged gimmick attacks from both mecha and normal characters. Of course, characters can reflect energy-based ranged gimmick attacks from both normal characters and mecha, as well. Reflected mecha attacks inflict Structure Point damage, and reflected attacks from normal characters inflict Health Point damage. The mecha (or its pilot if the mecha is non-sentient) uses its Mecha Fighting skill for all attack rolls. The mecha may use either its Mecha Strength or Mecha Resolve for the contested checks required by this gimmick. 11/17/04