Gimmick Lock (4GP+/3PP/S)

Cinematically: This gimmick allows a character to stop others from using their special abilities. By reversing an opponent’s chi flow, infusing him with negative energy, or placing a mystical ward on his body, a character with this gimmick can completely prevent someone from using one or more gimmicks.

Mechanically: The character activates this gimmick during his turn and selects a single opponent, widget, or mecha within 50 yards who possesses a gimmick he wants to lock. The character and the opponent immediately roll a contested Resolve check. This check counts as an instant action. If the opponent wins, the gimmick lock attempt fails. If the character wins, he may designate one of the opponent’s gimmicks as locked.

A locked gimmick cannot be used for the remainder of the scene or until it is unlocked by either the character or the opponent. The character can unlock the locked gimmick at any time as an instant action. During each of his upcoming turns, the opponent can attempt to unlock his locked gimmick by spending an action to roll another contested Resolve check against the character. If the check succeeds, the opponent’s gimmick is unlocked and may be used normally. If the check fails, the gimmick remains locked. The opponent may attempt to unlock his locked gimmick once each turn.

The character must know what gimmicks his opponent possesses in order to lock them. The character does not need to know the specific name of the gimmick he wants to lock; he simply needs to know what unique effect the opponent can create. Thus, a character doesn’t have to know whether his opponent possesses Blast Attack, Dragon Blast, or Variable Blast in order to be able to lock his ice breath attack, he merely has to know that his opponent possesses an energy attack that he wants to lock. Using the Gimmick Lock gimmick always takes up the character’s full turn. Thus, regardless of whether or not the gimmick lock attempt is successful, the character’s turn ends immediately after using this gimmick.

Multiple gimmick locks by the same or different characters cannot be placed on the same gimmick. An attempt to place an additional gimmick lock on an already locked gimmick automatically fails and the attempt counts as a normal action.

At initial purchase, the character can lock only one gimmick at a time. In order to lock a different gimmick, the character must first release the lock on the previous gimmick. By spending additional Gimmick Points on this gimmick, however, a character can lock multiple gimmicks. Spending an additional 3 Gimmick Points on this gimmick (7 GP total) increases the number of gimmicks the character may have locked at any one time to two. Spending yet another 3 Gimmick Points (10 GP total) on this gimmick increases the number of gimmicks the character may have locked at any one time to three. The character can have no more than three gimmicks locked at any one time. Each gimmick must be locked separately (via separate resisted Resolve checks) and the character can lock no more than a single gimmick during his turn.

Mecha: Mecha can purchase and use this gimmick as described above on characters, widgets, and other mecha. The range of the mecha’s gimmick lock is based on its size. Small mecha have a gimmick lock range of 200 yards. Medium mecha have a gimmick lock range of 500 yards. Large mecha have a gimmick lock range of 1000 yards. Mecha may use either their Mecha Strength or Mecha Resolve for the contested check required by this gimmick.