Hand Of Fate (5GP/3PP/A)

Cinematically: A character with this gimmick can rely on blind luck to pull him through the most difficult circumstances. Rather than using his own talent (or lack thereof) to solve a problem or perform an action, the character can just cross his fingers and hope that luck is on his side in order to make his way out of a sticky situation.

Mechanically: Whenever the character is required to roll an attribute or skill check, he may activate this gimmick as an instant action to use his Luck score for the check instead of the required attribute or skill. He may do this even if he does not possess the required skill for a given check. All modifiers to the check still apply. This gimmick affects only the Action Total of an ability check; it never alters a character’s strength damage, Resistance Factor, Movement Rate, Defense Totals, or any other normal statistic.

Mecha: Mecha may purchase and use this gimmick as described above. Because all mecha have effective Luck scores of three, a mecha’s Action Total always begins at three when it uses this gimmick. Only the mecha receives the benefits of this gimmick; it may never transfer these benefits to its pilot, even for Mecha Fighting and Mecha Piloting checks. If a mecha pilot possesses this gimmick, however, he may activate it to use his Luck score in the place of his mecha combat skills while he is piloting a mecha.