Commanding Presence (3GP/3PP/A/Cinematic)

Cinematically: A character with this gimmick is adept at intimidating others. By using a steely gaze, not flinching in front of danger, or simply carrying himself with an air of confidence, such a character more easily inspires awe and respect in others.

Mechanically: The character may activate this gimmick at any time as an instant action to gain a +2 bonus on all Resolve checks involving intimidation. The character also receives this bonus on Charisma checks rolled to lead others. This bonus also applies when the character attempts to intimidate or lead creatures, regardless of whether they possess animal intelligence or advanced intelligence. Refer to Collectémon (p. 65) for more information on animal intelligence.

Mecha: Non-sentient mecha may not purchase or be affected by this gimmick. Sentient mecha, however, may purchase and use this gimmick normally on other sentient mecha as well as normal characters and creatures.