Piercing Blast (1GP/0PP/A)

Cinematically: This gimmick enhances a character’s energy attacks, making them capable of penetrating even the strongest defenses without sacrificing any of their destructive power. These augmented attacks may take the form of high-intensity plasma beams, crushing waves of kinetic force, mystical darts of blazing hellfire, or unstoppable laser drills.

Mechanically: This gimmick is purchased as an add-on gimmick for the Blast Attack gimmick or a similar ranged, energy-based attack gimmick such as Common Destruction, Dragon Blast, Minor Blast, or Variable Blast. A character must possess an appropriate blast gimmick in order to add this gimmick onto it. This gimmick may be purchased at the same time as the blast gimmick, or it may be purchased and added onto the blast gimmick later. When purchased, this gimmick applies to only one energy-based ranged attack gimmick. If the character has multiple ranged, energy-based attack gimmicks, this gimmick may be purchased multiple times to grant its power to each individual attack gimmick.

This gimmick is permanently in effect. When a blast gimmick with Piercing Blast successfully penetrates an opponent’s Barrier, destroys an opponent’s Shockwave, or defeats an opponent’s defensive blast gimmick, the blast inflicts full damage on the opponent (Resisted normally) instead of half damage. Remember that to destroy a Barrier or Shockwave or defeat a defensive use of a blast gimmick, the character must beat the opponent in a contested Resolve check. Piercing Blast does not grant the character any bonus to this check.

Mecha: Mecha may purchase and use this gimmick exactly as described above. Mecha may use either their Mecha Strength or Mecha Resolve for the above mentioned contested check.