Zoomorph (15GP/0PP/A/Sentai)

Cinematically: A character with this gimmick can transform into any animal at any time. Such a character might accomplish this amazing feat through extremely mutable DNA, a permanent spell of transmutation, or high-tech recombining molecules.

Mechanically: The character may activate this gimmick during his turn as an instant action and instantly transform into any real animal (living or extinct) native to the world he is on. The character gains the physical attributes, movement environments, Movement Rates, breathing environments, and gimmicks of that animal. The character’s Health Point total, Pool Point total, mental attributes, Luck score, and gender do not change. This gimmick can be activated only once each turn.

The character may stay in animal form for as long as he likes. He may return to his normal form at any time as an instant action. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed, he also instantly returns to his normal form. While in animal form, the character can also use any of his own gimmicks, if his current physical form allows. Thus, if a character with Zoomorph and Blast Attack transforms into a lion, he can still throw fireballs (somehow) while in lion form. The Narrator can always decide that some or all of the character’s normal gimmicks are unavailable in a given animal form.

Note that this gimmick does not allow a character to transform into other humanoids, magical creatures, monsters, elementals, undead, or anything other than a normal animal. The Narrator has the final say on what sorts of animals a character with this gimmick can transform into. Furthermore, this gimmick does not allow a character to mimic the exact appearance of another specific animal. A character with this gimmick and the Masquerade gimmick, however, could copy the exact appearance of any specific animal.

Mecha: Mecha may not purchase or use this gimmick. This gimmick is available only to normal characters.