Entourage (5GP+/3PP/S)

Cinematically: While most characters’ minions are all roughly identical in appearance and ability, a character with this gimmick can call into action a much more versatile team of minions, each with its own unique powers.

Mechanically: Faceless minions may not purchase this gimmick. At initial purchase, the character receives three faceless minions. The player chooses the form and appearance of each of his character’s minions and the cinematic method by which he is able to summon them. The player then builds the minions using the minion creation rules in RandomAnime (p. 140) or Minionomicon (p. 6).

Entourage minions are identical to ordinary faceless minions summoned using the Call Minions gimmick in every way save that each entourage minion is created separately and has its own unique name, personality, description, gimmicks, equipment, movement abilities, and other characteristics. These statistics are determined during purchase and may not be changed later. In addition, unlike ordinary faceless minions, any entourage minions summoned with this gimmick that are not killed or incapacitated do not vanish at the end of the scene. Furthermore, each entourage minion rolls its own initiative check after the round in which it was summoned and acts on its own turn.

At initial purchase, the character can summon up to three unique minions in a given scene. For every additional Gimmick Point the player spends on this gimmick beyond its initial cost, the character may summon one extra minion, to a maximum total of five entourage minions. If the character has the ability to summon minions via other gimmicks like Call Minions, Lackey, and Shadow Clone, his entourage minions do not count against the total number of minions he can summon with his other summoning gimmicks.

When the character activates this gimmick, he may summon any number of his entourage minions, up to his maximum number of entourage minions per scene. If the character does not summon all of his entourage minions for that scene, he may summon more of these minions during a later turn as an instant action, without having to reactivate this gimmick. A character can even re-summon a defeated entourage minion in this way (provided that he hasn’t summoned his maximum number of entourage minions that scene), though no more than one copy of the same entourage minion may exist at the same time. Once the character has summoned his maximum allowed number of entourage minions per scene (even if some or all of those minions have already been defeated), he may not activate this gimmick again until a later scene.

Mecha: Mecha may purchase and use this gimmick as described above. When the mecha activates this gimmick, it may summon up to three unique minion mecha of its size or smaller, selected when this gimmick is first purchased. Minion mecha appear within 100 feet times the mecha modifier of their summoner. Spending additional Gimmick Points increases the power of the mecha version of this gimmick as described above. Depending on the cinematic description of the summons, the summoning mecha may need to be piloted by its actual owner in order to use this gimmick.