About the Author: Brian Perry

About the Writer: Robbie Proseus

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Brian Perry was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1977 and received his MA in English from East Carolina University in 2003 with his thesis, RandomAnime. While at ECU, Brian founded ECU SAGA, a Japanese animation and culture club and Blue Thunder Subtitling, a non-profit foreign film subtitling company. After receiving a BA in English in 1999, he taught English at Fukuoka Chuo High School in Kyuushu, Japan. An avid gamer, Brian has played role-playing games and storytelling systems for over 20 years and is presently involved in researching role-playing game design theory. After a personally and professionally rewarding five-year stint as a college professor, Brian has left academia for now and is currently a technical writer and editor in Greenville, NC.
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Robbie Proseus was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1976 and received his BA in philosophy from East Carolina University in 2000 with a minor in computer science. While at ECU, Robbie was a founding officer of the ECU SAGA anime club. In addition to writing, editing, and playtesting for Infernal Funhouse Productions, Robbie works as a full-time IT support technician in Greenville, North Carolina. Robbie is an avid collector of anime and manga and is active in the online anime and role-playing communities. He has played commercial role-playing games for over 20 years and has made a pastime of designing role-playing and adventure games since his earliest days as a gamer.