Role-playing games draw their inspiration from a variety of different types of media like war games, literature, movies, improvisational acting, radio dramas, and live storytelling. On this page, you’ll find online links to some of the media that has influenced our game design philosophy.
Gaming/Storytelling Links

Links, news, "the inside scoop"

Greg Costikyan
Game designer and novelist; his essays make for excellent reading.

Mark Hughes
A huge list of RPG listings and links
These people do a great service in explaining what roleplaying is really about.
Scholarship Links

Rules of Play
By Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman

Everything Bad is Good For You
By Steven Johnson

Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering
By Robin Laws
Anime Links

Anime Web Turnpike
Links and links and links to Anime information.

Anime sales clearinghouse. If you want anime stuff, try here.

Anime News Network
"News" Magazine about anime, with many interesting articles and features.

Anime Cafe
Reviews of anime series and films.

Hobby Link Japan
Buy awesome anime, manga, toys, and a lot more straight from Japan.