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The definitive anime role-playing game!
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RandomAnime, the definitive anime role-playing game, is the new standard for anime role-playing. RandomAnime’s unbelievably fast, frightfully simple, and amazingly complete universal role-playing game system lets you create and play in any world—anime or live-action—you’ve ever seen or imagined.

RandomAnime is a true universal role-playing system. Use it to run anime games, Hong Kong action games, fantasy games, science fiction games, giant robot games, comedy games, horror games… you name it, and RandomAnime runs it flawlessly. Choose the Anime Realm to create characters for Shojo, Shonen, or Sentai games and play at the power level you want. Select one of seven Anime Levels for your game to make it either gritty and realistic or cartoony to the extreme.

RandomAnime’s over 100 anime-inspired gimmicks to let your characters do those cool things that only anime characters can do like throw fireballs, leap dozens of yards, run along power lines, summon powerful monsters, form blazing swords, and much, much more.

RandomAnime, cinema and style are the rules. The Style Point advancement system allows you to increase your character’s powers by doing stylish things. The more over-the-top your role-playing, the quicker your character will power-up.
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Minion and widget rules for RandomAnime!
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Minionomicon introduces new devastating weapons and items; fanatical cohorts; group battle tactics; and over 50 new gimmicks for widgets, faceless minions, and characters into the already fast and versatile RandomAnime system.

Minionomicon’s new minion creation rules allow Narrators to customize their faceless minions to add variety and challenge to their games, pitting the heroes against everything from deadly exploding zombies to angry swarms of robotic killer bees.

Minionomicon’s expanded widget creation rules, players can quickly and easily construct practically any magical item or technological gizmo they can imagine—from magical healing potions to retractable ninja lines to city-destroying super cannons.
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Critter and pet rules for RandomAnime!
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Collectémon expands on RandomAnime’s anime-inspired universal role-playing game system by adding exciting new options for creating and incorporating pets, animals, monsters, and humanoid characters into RandomAnime games.

New point-based pet creation rules let you customize your character’s pets. Create everything from loyal warhorses to pet dragons to giant carnivorous plants.

Collectémon’s humanoid creation system offers nearly limitless possibilities for creating all kinds of exotic creatures and characters. Take on the roles of elves, aliens, talking vampires, or anthropomorphic beasts.

Over 60 new gimmicks for characters and critters give you the power to see through your pet’s eyes, summon it instantly, and unleash it from its hidden pet carrier to surprise your opponents. Create characters and creatures with armored skin, venomous stings, paralyzing fear auras, and the ability to transform into everyday objects or even giant mecha.

New game mechanics open up entire new realms of cinematic action. Use superior might to pin, crush, and slam opponents with the expanded grappling rules. Befriend, train, and ride animals into battle. Perform daring tricks in the saddle and trample your enemies with devastating charge attacks.
Collectémon even includes advanced rules for competitive gaming, so you can challenge other players via direct combat or through treachery and deception.
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Project GR (Coming Soon)
Vehicle and mecha rules for RandomAnime!
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Get ready for over-the-top, mechanized mayhem with Project GR, the giant robot supplement for RandomAnime!

Project GR's expanded rules for mecha and war machine creation lets you build giant robots, combat vehicles, and even titanic starships faster and more flexibly than ever before.

Project GR also adds over 50 new gimmicks specifically designed for giant robot and science-fiction games. Project GR is designed to fully complement Minionomicon and Collectémon, so you can use both supplements to expand your RandomAnime game worlds.
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Narrator's Screen
A huge 4-panel game shield for Narrators!
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Introducing the Narrator’s Screen for RandomAnime. This gorgeous, full-color, four-panel game screen includes all the quick-reference tables Narrators need to run their RandomAnime games even faster. Narrators will always have the info they need at their fingertips with this beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully designed reference screen.