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All Infernal Funhouse games run via the FreeStyle System. Developed and tested for over a decade, the FreeStyle System focuses on promoting cooperative narration, a gaming/storytelling style that occupies the creative space between "tactical wargaming" and "freeform storytelling." All Infernal Funhouse games that carry the FreeStyle System logo feature flexible rules that offer essential guidance for creating exciting cooperative stories without restricting narrative freedom.
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Design Philosophy
The main goal of our games is to facilitate action-oriented cooperative storytelling. To achieve this goal, we've designed the FreeStyle task-resolution system to be fast, robust, simple, fair, and portable. We believe these five elements are essential to any effective universal roleplaying system that promotes cooperative storytelling.

A task-resolution system should resolve actions and events quickly. Actions that take too much time to resolve behind the scenes bog down the in-game action and interrupt the immersive element of the story. Actions and events in FreeStyle games are typically resolved with a single dice roll, allowing the players to quickly resolve the outcomes of their characters' actions in as close to real-time speed as possible.

A task-resolution system must provide sufficient rules to resolve the actions and events that occur most often in the game. The FreeStyle System strives to provide flexible rules to resolve practically any situation, without making the use of those rules into the actual focus of the game. Instead, FreeStyle's rules are designed to simply provide a supporting framework for your stories.

A task-resolution system should be simple to use and its results easy to calculate. A system that asks players to drop handfuls of dice, refer constantly to resolution matrices, or perform complex mathematical equations is inconvenient, cumbersome, and time-consuming to use. The FreeStyle System uses only two 8-sided dice and the totals of nearly all calculations performed during play are lower than 20.

A task-resolution system must be able to resolve game actions fairly and objectively. A game with poorly-designed or easily exploitable rules can produce chaotic, unrealistic outcomes that damage the narrative or consistently predictable outcomes that remove any potential for drama. FreeStyle has undergone over a decade of testing to offer fair rules that withstand exploitation without hindering creative storytelling.

The task-resolution system for a universal roleplaying game should be capable of arbitrating actions equally well in multiple settings and genres. FreeStyle has been designed from the ground up as a universal system. House rule "hooks" built into FreeStyle allow players to easily add their own setting-specific systems such as crafting, piloting, or even spell casting—without having to modify any of FreeStyle's core systems.