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Collectémon expands on RandomAnime’s anime-inspired universal role-playing system by adding exciting new options for creating and incorporating pets, animals, monsters, and humanoid characters into RandomAnime games.

New point-based pet creation rules let you customize your character’s pets. Create everything from loyal warhorses to miniature dragons to talking carnivorous plants. Collectémon lets you build pets with exactly the abilities and powers you want.

Collectémon’s humanoid creation system offers nearly limitless possibilities for creating all kinds of exotic creatures and characters. Take on the roles of elves, dwarves, aliens, talking animals, or anthropomorphic beasts. Battle against dragons, commune with giant space whales, and unleash colossal radioactive monsters to crush Tokyo!

Over 60 new gimmicks for characters and critters give you the power to see through your pet’s eyes, summon it instantly, and unleash it from its hidden pet carrier to surprise your opponents. Create characters and creatures with armored skin, venomous stings, paralyzing fear auras, and the ability to transform into everyday objects or even giant mecha.

New game mechanics and action systems open up entire new realms of cinematic action. Use superior might to pin, crush, and slam opponents with the expanded grappling rules. Befriend, train, and ride animals into battle. Perform daring tricks in the saddle and trample your enemies with devastating charge attacks. Concoct deadly poisons, treat and cure various diseases, and withstand harsh elements. Collectémon even includes advanced rules for competitive gaming, so you can challenge other players via direct combat or through treachery and deception.
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  • Features
    • Detailed point-based critter creation rules for building and customizing pets and monsters.
    • Enhanced humanoid creation rules let you design fantastic races like elves, dwarves, aliens, vampires, and more.
    • Over 60 new gimmicks give your characters and critters powerful new features and abilities.
    • New action systems like grappling, pet training, and mounted combat add depth and versatility to your games.
    • Includes dozens of example pets, critters, beasts, and monsters for immediate use in practically any game.
    • Keep detailed records of your critters and humanoid characters with the custom-designed critter and humanoid record sheets.
  • Specs

    VPN: IFP 1003
    ISBN: 0-9720665-2-7
    Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
    Page Count: 94 pages
    Cover: Color front and rear
    Interior: Grayscale

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  • Extras
    Click here to expand Collectémon even further with exclusive supplementary rules.