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Minionomicon, the minion and widget supplement for RandomAnime, builds upon RandomAnime’s already fast and versatile universal role-playing game system. Minionomicon introduces expanded rules for fanatical cohorts, powerful magical items, and amazing technological gizmos!

Expanded minion creation rules let you create and customize exotic faceless minions to add variety and challenge to your games. Battle your characters against ravenous zombies, winged monkeys, or even swarms of robotic killer bees!

With Minionomicon’s new point-based widget expanded widget creation rules, you can build and customize weapons, armor, tools, and even musical instruments just the way you want them. Upgrade your widgets with the Style Points you earn to make them even more versatile and powerful.

Over 50 new gimmicks for minions, widgets, and characters let you summon hordes of ninja, conscript a gang of rowdy pirates, combine skeletons into fearsome patchwork bone monsters, and even take control of your opponents’ minions. Create magical healing potions, ultra-cool gun-swords, retractable ninja grapple darts, flying carpets, and city-smashing super cannons!

New game mechanics and action systems add even more versatility to your RandomAnime games. Build and repair items and weapons, assemble cunning traps, use group battle tactics to gang up on your opponents, and blast your way to victory with powerful explosives. Minionomicon even includes tips on how to fine-tune your games for just the right balance of cinematic style and over-the-top action!
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  • Features
    • Detailed minion creation rules for building and customizing minions to add variety and challenge to your games.
    • Expanded widget creation rules let you build magical items, super-science gadgets, exotic weapons, and more.
    • Over 50 new gimmicks give your minions, widgets, & characters powerful new features and abilities.
    • New action systems like craftwork, trap building, and explosive rules add depth and versatility to your games.
    • Includes dozens of example minions and widgets for immediate use in practically any game.
    • Keep detailed records of your minions and widgets with the custom-designed minion and widget record sheets.
  • Specs

    VPN: IFP 1002
    ISBN: 0-9720665-1-9
    Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
    Page Count: 70 pages
    Cover: Color front and rear
    Interior: Grayscale

  • Downloads
  • Extras
    Click here to expand Minionomicon even further with exclusive supplementary rules.