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Get ready for over-the-top, mechanized mayhem with Project GR, the giant robot, vehicle, and war machine supplement for RandomAnime!

Project GR's expanded rules for mecha and war machine creation lets you build giant robots, combat vehicles, and even titanic starships faster and more flexibly than ever before.

Project GR also adds over 50 new gimmicks specifically designed for giant robot and science-fiction games. Project GR is designed to fully complement Minionomicon and Collectémon, so you can use both supplements to expand your RandomAnime game worlds.
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  • Features
    • Detailed point-based mecha creation rules for building practically any type of mecha or vehicle you can imagine.
    • Detailed ship-to-ship combat rules lets you battle titanic battleships on the high seas or in the depths of space.
    • Over 60 new gimmicks give your characters, mecha, and vehicles powerful new features and abilities.
    • New action systems like cover fire, indirect attacks, and collisions add depth and versatility to your games.
    • Includes dozens of example mecha, vehicles, and war machines for immediate use in practically any game.
    • Keep detailed records of your mecha and vehicles with the custom-designed mecha and vehicle record sheets.
  • Specs

    VPN: IFP 1004
    ISBN: 0-9720665-3-5
    Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
    Page Count: 132+ pages
    Cover: Color front and rear
    Interior: Grayscale

  • Downloads
  • Extras
    Click here to expand Project GR even further with exclusive supplementary rules.