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RandomAnime, the definitive anime role-playing game, sets the standard for anime role-playing. RandomAnime’s unbelievably fast, beautifully simple, and amazingly complete universal role-playing game system lets you create and play in any world—anime or live-action—you’ve ever seen or imagined.

RandomAnime is a truly universal game system that can run anime games, Hong Kong action games, fantasy games, science fiction games, mecha games, comedy games, horror games, and more. If you can imagine something, RandomAnime can run it flawlessly. Choose the Anime Realm to create characters for Shojo, Shonen, or Sentai games and play at the power level you want. Select one of seven Anime Levels for your game to make it either gritty and realistic or fantastic and cartoony.

RandomAnime’s over 100 anime-inspired gimmicks let your characters do those cool things that only anime characters can do like throw fireballs, leap dozens of yards, run along power lines, summon powerful monsters, form blazing swords, and much, much more.

The action in RandomAnime is focused on cinematic style. The Style Point advancement system allows you to increase your character’s powers by doing stylish things. The more over-the-top your role-playing, the quicker your character will advance.
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  • Features
    • Fast, fair, and robust FreeStyle task-resolution system
    • Flexible rules let you run games in any setting or genre
    • Over 100 gimmicks offer true anime-style super powers
    • Customizable game settings make every game unique
    • Beautiful anime-inspired artwork from global artists
    • Style Point advancement system rewards dramatic action
    • Includes detailed mecha creation and combat rules
  • Specs

    VPN: IFP 1001
    ISBN: 0-9720665-0-0
    Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
    Page Count: 184 pages
    Cover: Color front and rear
    Interior: Grayscale

  • Downloads
  • Extras
    Click here to expand your RandomAnime games even further with exclusive supplementary rules.